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For Distribution To:

Inquisition Members Vermillion Level or Higher

Name: Veteran Sergeant Kane

Rank: Sergeant of the Grey Knights

Security Clearance: Majoris

.The Knights Militant of the Ordo Malleus, the Grey Knights, are Space Marines specialised in the art of daemon fighting. They differ from other Space Marine chapters in that they are tutored in the lores of daemon fighting and the identification of daemons. They are hardened fighters of the Imperium, impervious to the horrors of the warp and absolutely fearless in combat. Sergeant Kane of the Six Hundreds and Sixty Sixth Chamber of the Grey Knights is no exception to this.

Kane has fought alongside his battle-brothers for nearly four hundred years, fighting the terrors of the warp with a tenacity and ferocity that has made him nearly legendary within the Inquisition's Knights Militant. Kane is a brute of a man, nearly eight feet tall and well over three hundred and fifty pounds he is a prime specimen of the genetic superiority of the Space Marines. Raised from an early age on a planet that has long forgotten him he has served honorably and with great accomplishment within the Grey Knights.

He has been present at nearly all of the major actions his Knights Militant have been involved in. Preferring to be the first to be sent rather than the last. Needless to say his squad are the most highly active members of the Grey Knights. Armed with a mighty Nemisis Force Sword, he strides into battle ready to battle not only for the lives of the Imperium's people, but for their souls. A daemon is not a laughing matter for Kane, it is the single greatest threat to his existance their could possibly ever be. He will not tolerate even the slightest heresy, punishing people personally for their displays of impiety. He has been repeatedly reprimanded for this but even as he is disciplined he is praised for his unyeilding faith in the Emperor.

He squad has earned hundreds of honors, enough to fill their holy Terminator armor with more metal than it was constructed with. Kane, and his squad, forgoe decorating themselves with these honors, prefering to be dressed in the plain and pious greys that are the hallmark of their order. Kane's squad rarely remove their precious Terminator armor, sleeping and eating in it whenever possible. It is only in the most dire of circumstances that Kane will depart with his armor, and even then he will not allow it to stray out of his direct sight.

Kane is a pristine example of the power of the Ordo Malleus, moving quietly through the Imperium and finding solace in their hearts that they are the only ones capable of performing their tasks in the name of the Emperor. A Grey Knight is a mysterious figure, a man of suspicion and fear. Armed with the most powerful weaponry the Imperium has to offer and shielded by the most unshakable faith in the Emperor they are truly a foe to fear. Kane more so than others.

Compiled by:
Adeptus Ivanov Lakrensha
In accordance with the Pax Imperius Schola
Thought for the day: Knowledge can be a dangerous thing.