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Inquisition Members Vermillion Level or Higher
Adeptus Astartes Commanders Emeritrar Level or Higher
Adeptus Arbites Precinct Houses, Invetigative and Judicial Center
Adeptus Ministorum Vermillion Level or Higher

Name: Lionel Seguiris

Rank: Adeptus Administratum Scribe

Security Clearance: Epsilon

Lionel Sequirus was an average adept, born and raised on the planet Nacel on the eastern fringe. His parents were members of the Administratum, as were their parents, and their parents before them. Lionel was the latest in a long line of Adeptus Administratum Scribes, heridity and lineage meaning much in Nacel's fuedal hierarchy. It was expected, nay demanded, of him to be a Scribe in the Adeptus Administratum regardless of where his true talents lay.

Lionel has been described by his peers and his teachers as being an intuitive individual, capable of incredible thoughts and logical deduction. If he had been born elsewhere it would have been likely that he would have joined the Adeptus Mechanicus. However, circumstances being as they are that was not to be the case and Lionel did as he was bid. He joined the Administratum at an early age and contnued his family's proud lineage on Nacel.

However, Lionel was not satisfied with that. At first he had been placated by the wealth of knowledge that surrounded him, sound in the fact that he had access to the combined records of the entire Imperium. However, his thirst soon became an insatiable hunger, an overwelming desire. It was at this time that he first incurred the wrath of the Master Librarian of the Administratum Hall of Records on Nacel. He had wandered into the more deeply held halls of records, an area where only the most trusted and resolute of the Emperor's servants were allowed to tread. Before he was able to pick a single book, disturb a single parchment, or ruffle the feathers of a quill he was stopped by the Master Librarian, flanked by members of the Adeptus Arbites specially assigned to this duty. Young Lionel was dragged before the planetary head of their order, who held the young scribe in contempt of the Administratum's edicts and should have sentenced him to the slave pits on Astrosia to mine the valuable ore buried there. However, the planetary head of the Administratum accepted the pleas of Lionel's family not to send him there, to spare him and allow him to continue in their family's heritage. The master, a product of Nacel's feudal culture, agreed with them as he wanted not to shame a family so devout to the Administratum for one of their youngest's mistakes. Lionel was moved as far away as possible from the more sensitive areas of the library, resigned to toiling over the latest crop reports until his retirement or death in the Emperor's service.

Lionel, however, was not so easily cowed. It is debatable whether or not he was aware of the dangers and perils he faced should he actually open some of the books located within that library but his desire to read, now, was uncontrollable. He had tasted the pleasures that library held and wanted more. Like a stim addict he plotted his next return to the library, planning to remove a single book from its midst to read in his home, far from the prying eyes of the Master Librarian. And so he did.

He snuck into the library late one evening, when he hoped security there in would at its weakest. He evaded the Arbites patrols through the library, sneaked into one of its darkest depths. According to his testimony he was only going to take a book from its closest most edges but he felt that the best knowledge would be kept near the center, not near the fringe. The specific text he removed has no relevance on this discussion but needless to say it was an extensive report on the workings of the Machine Cult of Mars, the fabled Tech Priests he had only heard of in whispers and discussions in darkened corners. He returned home with it to read it and learn everything he could, expecting to return it and find another book to decipher until he had read everything he could. This was not to be.

Within three days of his first visit the text was found missing and the hunt began. Ironically, it was Lionel who exposed himself and his crime to them. His direct Scribe Master noticed a delay in his always punctual reports on crop evaluations and found that the boy had left his post and went home early. So great was his desire to read that he could not keep himself away from it. The Master Scribe alerted the planetary head of his order who ordered the Adeptus Arbites to go to his house and have Lionel arrested. The planetary head knew all too well why he was missing.

The Adeptus Arbites burst open his door, finding him reading on his bed cot from the sacred text. Taking the book into their custody they escorted Lionel back to the Administratum building and before the planetary head. In attendance were the Master Librarian, the head of the Adeptus Arbites, and Inquisitor Marcelus (Marcelus was later to be the mentor of Inquisitor Nathaniel Creed). Lionel did not beg for his life, though, he begged only to read more to understand more. The planetary head could tolerate this obviously vagrant disregard for the laws his office maintained and ordered the young scribe executed. It was Marcelus who interevened, wanting to employ the services of the young Adeptus for his investigation on the planet, admiring the scribe's ability to sneak into a heavily protected depository of knowledge simply to learn. He had need of a boy who was capable of getting into areas he could not to obtain information he needed. So it was that the young scribe entered the continued service of Inquisitor Marcelus, and then of Inquisitor Nathaniel Creed upon Marcelus' death.

Over the years the young scribe grew into adulthood with the Inquisition, a slave to its eternal vigilance. Over time he learned many more skills including metalurgy, alchemy, medicine, and, a particularly useful skill for an Inquisitor to have in his arsenal, torture and interrogation.

Compiled by:
Adeptus Ivanov Lakrensha
In accordance with the Pax Imperius Schola
Thought for the day: Knowledge can be a dangerous thing.