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For Distribution To:

Inquisition Members Vermillion Level or Higher
Adeptus Astartes Commanders Emeritrar Level or Higher
Adeptus Arbites Precinct Houses, Invetigative and Judicial Center
Adeptus Ministorum Vermillion Level or Higher

Name: Xavier

Rank: Astropath Adeptus Majoris

Security Clearance: Epsilon

Adeptus Astropath Xavier was remarked upon as being "too concerned with the content of the message rather than the medium" during his initial training and subsequent soul-bonding to the Emperor. His instructors felt that Xavier exempted far too high a level of curiousity than was suitably appropriate for a member of the Holy Emperor's Astropaths. However, Xavier exibhited abilities that were far stronger than the average telepath pressed into service in the Astronomicon.

It was these abilities that put Xavier within the Navigation of a mighty vessel of the Emperor's Wrath, the Sword Ascendant. This powerful Retirbution Class Naval Battlecruiser was the perfect vessel for one of the Emperor's more gifted Astropaths to be employed upon. As was noted in his training, Xavier proved himself to be an adept and skillful Navigator. His navigation skills were never at fault, rather saving the crew on many occassions when outdated starcharts had lead them astray. It was not his navigations skills, though, that caused him trouble, it was his inability to send all messages objectively.

The Astropath serves as the Navigator of a mighty vessel and as its centre for communication. Hundreds of thousands of messages are sent through the universe by way of the Astropaths and the Emperor's Guiding Light. Personal thoughts, letters of love, warnings of danger, estimations of fortunes, notices of greivance all pass through the minds of the Astrnomicon, unopened and uncaring. Some say it is their third eye, used for Navigation through the immitarium of warpspace, that blinds them to the daily concerns of other human beings.

This was not the case for Xavier. It was one of these letters, or, rather, a large amount of letters from one person that he kept personally eye on.

While stationed aboard the Sword Ascendant Xavier was routinely sending messages from Admiral Ravenos to other ships in his fleet, to planetary commanders, to the Adeptus Terra, and to his mistress. It was the letters to his mistress that Xavier found most interesting. Apparently, so did Admiral Ravenos' wife. With each message sent by Xavier to the Admiral's mistress a copy was also sent to the Admiral's wife. Needless to say, she promptly divorced him and took her family fortune and rank from him leaving him with nothing but his commission within the Imperial Navy.

Admiral Ravenos immediately took disciplinary actions. He had Xavier imprisoned and was set to deliver him to Terra, himself, to feed him to the Emperor's Golden Throne. For Xavier's sake an Ork warfleet arrived two systems away and the Admiral had to delay his plans to deal with the threat the Orks provided. During the subsequent battles Inquisitor Nathaniel Creed ended up aboard his ship, having suffered heavy damage to his ship at the hands of the Ork raiders.

Creed learned of the presence of the Astropath aboard the ship and commandeered him from the Admiral as his own Astropath had been killed by the Ork raiders in their effort to escape. The Admiral was incensed, knowing that he could not deny the orders of an Imperial Inquisitor. Creed placated the Admiral by explaining that while the Admiral and his battlecruiser would eventually earn fame within the annals of Imperial History, Xavier would never be spoken of as his missions with the Inquisitor would never be spoken of by the peoples of the galaxy. The Admiral's marshall pride and arrogant stubborness was appeased by this, his only claim to anything anymore being the fame he could possible earn as an Admiral within the Imperial Navy.

Since that day Xavier has been an unwilling aide to the Inquisitor in his travels through the universe.

Compiled by:
Adeptus Ivanov Lakrensha
In accordance with the Pax Imperius Schola
Thought for the day: In the Emperor we trust.