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For Distribution To:

Inquisition Members Vermillion Level or Higher
Adeptus Astartes Commanders Emeritrar Level or Higher
Adeptus Arbites Precinct Houses, Invetigative and Judicial Center
Adeptus Ministorum Vermillion Level or Higher

Name: Mathus Farstrider

Rank: Former Imperial Guard Storm Trooper

Security Clearance: Cyan

Mathus Farstrider was born to a servant of the Adeptus Ministorum on the world Necromunda. Early into his life his father and mother were both killed in a violent gang war(see sub. ref. Necromunda Underhive Uprising ) which claimed the lives of hundreds of the Emperor's servants. Orphaned, alone, and with no immediate family to call upon the Precinct General of one of the Adeptus Arbites precinct houses took him to the servants of the Shola Progenium. It was these faithful souls of the Emperor who accepted him in and gave him hearth, home, and education.

Mathus, however, was a wild and rambuncious child. He would often escape the cloistered confines of the Schola Progenium's chapter house and ran rampant among the gangs of the underhive. However, it wasn't for mere play that he would do this. He actively hunted the murderers of his father and mother among the dregs of the underhive, hoping to catch them and exact "a pound of flesh", as he put it. On more than one occassion he was brought back to the cloister by the Adeptus Arbites, most often by the Precinct General who had first brought him to them. The General, a man named Felix Martovas, consoled a angry and terrified Mathus with the knowledge that someday he would bring the murderers to justice. Eventually, the General did as he had promised and the men were put to trial, convicted, and executed by the members of the Precinct House that Felix was general of.

By this point Mathus was already eighteen and had spent many long years hunting these men in the underhive. During the time he had grown physically powerful, though still somewhat resistant and openly rebellious to the Progenium masters. It was decided by the Schola Progenium, against the fierce objections of Precinct General Felix Martovas, that Mathus be enrolled with the Storm Trooper regiments of the Imperial Guard. So it was that Mathus Farstrider, underhive orphan, became one of the Emperor's bravest warriors. This induction into the greatest fighting force in the Imperium did not, however, quell his rebelliousness.

It was on the planet Thronin, in the midst of the Teles Crusade, that his rebellious resurged to a dangerous level. By this point Mathus was a sergeant of a Storm Troopers squad and when ordered to go on what tantamounted to a suicide mission he refused. Strongly refused. Mathus was court-martialed for murdering his commanding officer after the commander executed three of his men for the unwillingness to countermand Mathus's refusal to assault the heavily defended sewer entrance. Mathus was tried and convicted, his soldiers executed immediately for insubordination.

While awaiting his day of execution Nathaniel Creed intervened. He had heard of the sergeant and the he was impressed by the combat abilities and his ability to easily gather information among criminals and miscreants. He enlisted his services, exercising his authority to free Sergeant Mathus after expunging all records of the trooper from Imperial records and sealing them with his Inquisitorial authority. Since that date Mathus, no longer a member of the elite Storm Troopers and stripped of his rank, has been a loyal and faithful servant of the Inquisitor and is currently enlisted with him in his investigation.



Compiled by:
Adeptus Ivanov Lakrensha
In accordance with the Pax Imperius Schola

Thought for the day: The rewards of tolerance are treachery and betrayal