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What has been later categorized as the Necromunda Uprising was initially one of the many long-standing feuds existing between the many guild houses of Necromunda. As each guild house competeted economically with each other in an effort to secure the lucrative contracts for arms manufacturing within the Hives it was natural for this fierce competitiveness to spill over into the workers, too. The workers, however, did not have the same type of interests as their managers and were more interested in exacting a physical toll on their adversaries than economic supremacy. The Guild Masters saw this and encouraged it among their employees.

The workers naturally rallied around some sort of leader figure, most often chosen from amongst their own kindred. These leaders would then organise forays into "enemy" territory to damage industrial equipment, procure technologies for themselves, to acquire personal wealth, and most often to sue anarchy and devastation. This system has existed for centuries among the underhive residents and is indirectly supported by the Guild Masters themselves when weapons and equipment mysteriously "dissapear" from storehouses and supply depots. The planetary authorities turn a blind eye to these activities as Necromunda is an extremely productive hiveworld and they all stand to profit so long as the flow of arms and munitions off-planet never stops. However, it did stop at one point.

What started as a common feud between two of the manufacturing Houses erupted into full-out war between all the Houses as each sought to take advantage of the situation. Adeptus Arbites forces were hard pressed and stretched thinly across the underhive in a vain attempt to quell the violence. In most cases the Arbites forces barely contained the violence from spilling over into the more heavily populated areas of the underhive, leaving the manufacturing sections to fought over and protected by the rival guild forces. Fighting and violence boiled outwards, and upwards, in the underhive. Manufacturing levels remained within acceptable levels until the day the fighting reach the gates of the Middle Hive area. A number of extremely important power generators and processors were destroyed within hours of fighting, shutting down all the factories. It was at this point that the Planetary Governor intervened and ordered the Planetary Defence Force (PDF) to assist the beleaquered Arbites forces in putting a stop to the violence.

Buildings were burned, shops were looted, and homes were destroyed in the ensuing chaos. Even with the PDF troops assisting them the Arbites made slow progress quelling the violence. The aftermath and total end of the uprising took weeks to complete and manufacturing levels were not back up to normal levels for years afterwards. The Adeptus Arbites forces made numerous arrests and sentenced many to penal duty and some to immediate execution. Though the Guild Houses objected to the deportation and execution of valuable workers the Precinct Generals exerted their Imperial authority as agents of the Emperor himself to quiet their objections.

During the uprising hundreds of thousands of by-standers were caught in the middle, including a significant number of the Emperor's most direct servants. A large number of these lost their lives to the senseless violence as ambition and greed ran amok. During the subsequent round-ups of suspected antagonists there were a large number of these citizens convicted alongside them for lack of time and resources to prove their innocence. The justice of the Adeptus Arbites was quick and sudden, hammering those suspected of causing the loss of valuable resources to the Imperium with the full authority of the Emperor that was at their command.




Compiled by:
Adeptus Ivanov Lakrensha
In accordance with the Pax Imperius Schola

Thought for the day: The difference between Heresy and treachery is ignorance.