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For Distribution To:

Inquisition Members Vermillion Level or Higher

TRANSMITTED: Darius Seven Merchant Guild House
RECEIVED: Tharius Adeptus Ministorum Cathedral
DATE: 5384999.M41

Upon landing on Visigoth we were quickly shuttled away from the main space port in Tiberius and out to Oceanus Hive. The security forces determining the eligibility of applicants to enter the capital city was rather significant in numbers but eventually I will have to make it past them and into the main city for the purposes of my investigation. I am hoping that I will be able to accomplish this without having to reveal myself for who I am but should the circumstances require it I shall do so. However, I will be delaying my entry into the capitol until I am certain that I have concluded the majority of my investigation in the other Hives. Should the need arise to remove my disguise then I will not damage my ability to collect information from the more suspicious, and likely guilty, persons residing within these hives.

During the trip to Oceanus Hive I caught a glimpse of the land train convoy that travels from the Four Sisters to Lenux and Majer hives. It is a mammoth construct of metal and gears, easily capable of travelling overland to the two main refining hives and back. From our vantage point high in the sky it was truly a collosal monstrosity.

Upon arrival in Oceanus, I was suprised by the level of cleanliness exhibited within the hive proper. Ofcourse, appearances can be deceiving. As I set about to the Guild Houses and the local Adeptus Arbites precinct in disguise with Rose and Thorne at my side I sent Mathus to look a little further under the Oceanus rock.

The Guild Houses proved to be of little importance, the more important Guilds were located in Tiberius and those that had offices in Oceanus may aswell just have set a box on the street with a few trinkets for sale upon it. Apparently all Guild operations go through their main offices located in the capitol and only the most menial decisions, and information, are given to the local offices. I asked several of these offices to schedule an appointment with their Guildmasters on my behalf in an effort to meet with them and try to glean some information out of them.

The Adeptus Arbites Precinct House, however, proved to be far more interesting. The Precinct House was teeming with prisoners, hundreds awaiting trial and arraignment. The most interesting facet of the Precinct House was the presence of plenty of fresh faces, not the usual cavalcade of Abitrators drawn from all the corners of the galaxy but rather plenty of young and local faces present. I would dare to assume that the Adeptus Arbites Marshall may have underestimated his casualty reports in an effort to cover up the failure of his forces. Or perhaps he, too, has something to hide? I was unable to be granted an audience with Marshall but the Judge of the Oceanus Precinct House has granted me the opportunity to speak with him in a fortnight.

Upon Mathus' return he provided some very interesting information. It would seem that whole sections of the underhive have been sealed off and condemned by order of the Oceanus Manufacturer General and by the Planetary Governor, himself. Furthermore, these areas are not cordoned off by Adeptus Arbites troops but rather by deputised hive gangs. Considering the rather recent gang uprising this does not prove to be the most prudent decision in order to prevent further violence from occuring.

We have established ourselves at a local inn and are awaiting word back from the Guildmasters of a possible meeting to discuss trade matters. As these meetings occur I will have Lionel compose the content of these meetings and sent within my next report. Mathus will continue to search the underhive and I have placed Rose alongside him, posing as his mistress and acting as his backup should he need it. Xavier is still present aboard the Shining Spear and is available should any priority communications need to be sent. I currently do not trust the Astronomicon on Visigoth as their loyalty is not proven as of yet.

May the Emperor Protect Us,

Your Most Obedient Servant,

Nathaniel Creed


Thought for the day: Trust no one for the Heretic takes many guises.