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For Distribution To:

Inquisition Members Vermillion Level or Higher

Officio Assassinorum Grand Masters: Vermillion or Higher

Name: Rose

Rank: Assassin of the Officio Assassinorum

Security Clearance: Vermillion

Rose is one of a team of two designated Project Nemisis by the Masters of the various temples of the Officio Assassinorum. Together they respresent one of the greatest steps forward in covert-operations in hundreds of years, they are also considered its greatest failures.

Centuries ago Rose was an adoloescent on the planet Marchel, her parents simple farmers in the service of the Schola Progenium. When her parents were killed in an Ork raid on her world the sisters of the convent opened their arms to her. She was quickly inducted into their orphanage for Imperial Servants, her own kin unwilling to take her in. She worked with the Sisters, performing acts of devotion to His Most Holy Emperor. Within a few years, through circumstances beyond her control, she was inducted into the unforgiving structure of the Assassin Temples. Her strength and courage, and undying faith in the Emperor, had impressed an Inquisitor by the name of Heisenberg during an investigation on her world. Though she has little recollection of her past life she would be hard-pressed to return to it. Shortly after her departure with the Inquisitor the fiery scourge of Exterminatus consumed it, its Heresy being to great to forgive (sub ref. Marchel Scouring).

In the cruel temples she worked and trained and studied under dark and unseen masters. She quickly learned the value of anonymity and discarded her previous name; reducing herself only to an image, an idea. She was Rose, pretty to look at but dangerous to touch. The irony of this name in light of Project Nemisis is quite apparent (sub. ref. Project Nemisis).

It was during this time that she learned to be strong and resilient; training her body and mind to rely on none but herself. Her body was her weapon, her faith in the Emperor her guiding light. It was this unshakeable faith that earned her a place in the Callidus Temple, it was this faith that doomed her to Project Nemisis.

During many campaigns and actions she become the unknown heroine, the unsung and unknown. Hundreds of worlds she saved from the fires that consumed her own world, the citizens unaware of her intervention. A deftly applied poison, the right thing spoken in the right ear, the proper opinion presented, the capture of crucial information...these are all within her realm of expertise. She is a specialist of disguise, having undergone the painful application of chameleoline to her skin. She has been an Imperial Governor's mistress, a battle sister to the Adeptus Sororitas, a mid-wife, a nanny, even an Imerpial Guard colonel! Her skills at acting and being someone she is not has helped her accomplish missions that otherwise may have needed the presence of hundreds of Imerpial Guardsmen or members of the Adeptus Astartes. No doubt her timely intervention has saved millions, if not billions, of lives.

After being recruited for Project Nemisis she has been involved in many more such actions, becoming a name whispered with both fear and respect among the secretive halls of the Officio Assassinorum and the Inquisition. Following the Latharsis Incident (sub. ref. The Ironside Campaign) she was removed from active duty alongside her partner, Thorne. Both were considered to be erratic and unreliable to the Grand Masters of the Callidus Temple. They were scheduled for immediate removal from service and to be terminated until the intervention of Inquisitor Nathaniel Creed and enlisted for duty with him by the Lords of the Inquisition. They currently serve with him on active duty for the Inquisition.

The Officio Assassinorum denies all knowledge of their current whereabouts and absolve themselves of any responsibility their actions may have.


Compiled by:
Adeptus Marnia Secallus
Officio Assassinorum Archives

Thought for the day: Fear the shadows, for that may be where your death may lie.