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For Distribution To:

Inquisition Members Vermillion Level or Higher

Officio Assassinorum Grand Masters: Vermillion or Higher

Name: Thorne

Rank: Assassin of the Officio Assassinorum

Security Clearance: Vermillion

Thorne is the second half of a team of a assassins that were a product of Project Nemisis. The two had been part of the original group of volunteers slated for the new technology in an effort to improve the skills of the Callidus Temple (sub. ref. Project Nemisis).

Thorne was recruited from an Imperial mining colony within the Arcturius asteroid belt, the daughter of an Imperial governor. Her life had been a simple one, enjoy everything it has to offer with none of the associated consequences. The mining colony was quiet and uneventful, leaving much room for distraction and indulgence. Thorne, however, was introduced to the Imperial Faith by her mother, a faithful servant of the Emperor. She recognised the corruption and indulgence that was occuring all around her and moved quickly to make sure her daughter remained untouched by it. Cloistered within the governor's apartments her mother and the cardinal of the colonies' sole cathedral taught her in the ways of the Emperor and his guiding light was loyally introduced into her soul.

When she was old enough she became aware of the greed and corruption around her, the complete lack of faith exhibited by the colonists and her father, in particular. She condemned them all, begging them to return to their worship of the Emperor. Her father would have none of it and imprisoned her within her own apartments, her fiery objections having roused the poorer people of the colony who had watched for years as the rich lived parasitically off of their labours.

Appalled and disgusted by her husband's actions and his lack of faith in the Emperor, the saviour of makind, she begged the cardinal for help. The cardinal sent a communique to the main Ecclesiarchal cathedral on Terra, pleading for assistance. The Astropath who take upon the responsibility of delivering the message did not, however, deliver it. Instead he gave the intended message to the planetary governor, the astropath himself gaining from the current situation in the colony and not wishing for it to change. The governor, incensed and enraged, had his wife, the cardinal, and all the Ecclesiarchal staff executed immediately for treachery. This particular act, unlike the other thousand offences condcuted over the years, did not go overlooked. A preacher, before being killed himself, managed to transmit a short message to the Ecclesiarchy begging for help. The message was intercepted by one of the Inquisition's many secretive ships floating throughout the Imperium.

The Inquisition immediately sent Nathaniel Creed and a force of Adeptus Astartes troops to the colony, planning to implement the Emperor's rule by whatever means necessary. The force immediately set course for the colony to arrest the planetary governor and reinstate the proper homage the Emperor deserved. It was, however, to be too late.

Even as the force travelled through the immaterium of warp space the daughter, unable to comprehend that her father had killed her mother for standing up for what she believed in, snuck into the governor's quarters in the middle of the night. Dressed as one of the many prostitutes he kept in the palace she was able to gain his confidence and to slit his throat in his sleep. When Inquisitor Nathaniel Creed burst into the governor's bed chamber he found her still standing by his bedside, the bloody knife grasped in her clenched fist as she prayed to the Emperor to forgive her father.

The force quickly restored order to the colony, Creed appointing the new governor himself. Upon his departure he took the girl with him, knowing the she would never survive should any disparate elements of the old order wish to exact their revenge upon her for ruining their comfortable situation. He left her in the safe confines of the Schola Progenium where she stayed only a short time before being inducted into the Officio Assassinorum. It was years later that she would run into the Inquisitor again, shortly after the Latharsis Incident (sub. ref. The Ironside Campaign). It had been Creed's mission to hunt her down and return her to the Officio Assassinorum but, upon discovering her identity, he saved her and her partner Rose (sub. ref. Project Nemisis,. Rose) and enlisted them into his service.

Following Inquisitor Nathaniel Creed's intervention the Officio Assassinorum has no knowledge of her current whereabouts nor does it accept any responsibility for the repurcusions of her actions.



Compiled by:
Adeptus Marnia Secallus
Officio Assassinorum Archives

Thought for the day: Fear the shadows, for that may be where your death may lie.