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Visigoth - Adeptus Ministorum Reports
Thought for the day: Faith alone can overturn the universe..

cross ref. The Galaxy: Imperium File 784
034.567.47 ref. 159.54 ref. Xeno-Folders, Arbites-Folders, Administratum-Folders

Population: <500,000,000,000>
Tithe Grade: Decuma Patricular-Exactis Extremis
Aggregate: 1,800:
Aestimare: B60 - D300


The planet Visigoth is an Emperor-fearing world, its faith kindled by a long history of sacrifice and dedication to the Master of Mankind. The Ecclesiarchy maintains a humble and honest flock, forever dedicating every task to the greatness of Him. It is in our works here on Visigoth that we can hope to possibly, someday, stand within his golden shadow and be accepted by his loving embrace.

Within the main cathedral in Tiberius that Cardinal Azahal leads the flock of Visigoth forever onwards in the Emperor's works. From within the vast halls of the cathedra there echo the hymns of the pious and the dedicated. The Emperor's most dedicated servants spend each and every day praying to Him for strength and forgiveness, to forge onwards for His glory. Pungent ointments and incense fill the air with our exortations to Him, to deliver us from evil and to keep us free from temptation. It is denying ourselves that we can hope to one day obtain the opportunity to perform a final duty to Him. As His servants we are His agents of mercy and tenderness to our fellow man.

In the streets our missionaries and confessors carry the word of the Emperor to the masses, exhorting them to praise Him. It is in our praise that He is brought amongst us, brought from the stars above to liberate us from the confines of our fleshy prisons. We, as the people of Visigoth, open our arms to Him and accept His embrace. As His servants only we can guarantee a future for our own children.

As we give up our lives for Him we give hope to the next generation. All praise be to Him.