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Visigoth - Explorator Report
Thought for the day: Trust no one but the Emperor..

cross ref. The Galaxy: Imperium File 784
034.567.47 ref. 159.54 ref. Xeno-Folders, Arbites-Folders, Administratum-Folders

Population: <500,000,000,000>
Tithe Grade: Decuma Patricular-Exactis Extremis
Aggregate: 1,800:
Aestimare: B60 - D300


The topography of XJ397-08-9F71 (later named Visigoth) is dominated by two continents. The first continent occupies the majority of the available land mass of the planet including its polar ice cap. This continent contains a high proportion of valuable minerals needed for the production of fleet ships and weaponry to equip the Crusading fleets of the Emperor of Mankind. A significant majority of these minerals are very close to the surface of the planet, requiring little to no effort in their collection and refinement. Data collected from extracted soil samples and flora and fauna material suggests carbon-based lifeforms reliant on a photosynthesis reproduction method similar to that of Terra. The atmosphere of the planet contains equal parts hydrogen and oxygen, making for a breathable atmosphere for human colonization.

The southern continent is predominantly ice and very little permanent land mass. Extracted core samples taken suggest that the two continents were at one point connected as a single continent. Due to tectonic shifts and volcanic activity they seperated and have remained so for many centuries. A string of volcanoes stretches from the southern most tip of the main continent to the frozen sub-continent. Some of these are still active but the majority have been dormant for many years.

There is evidence suggesting a meagre human presence on the planet, most likely predating the Dark Age of Technology. Satellite images of these settlements suggest a pre-feudal level of civilization resulting in isolated pockets of habitation that may or may not have reliable communication with other such groups. Travel is done by boat or cart, little commerce seems to exist between the communities and very few remnants of their means of arriving on the planet seem to exist. These pockets of habitation exist mostly to the northern most areas of the main continent, suggesting some other force or rival civilization habitating the southern sections.

Upon further analysis this rival civilization is composed of the alien species codexed as Orks. These Orks are not as technologically inclined as some of their species that we encountered to this date. A distinct feral culture seems to exist among them, relationships barely existing beyond the clan level. There is evidence to suggest clashes between among these Orks and with the humans inhabiting to the north.

Considering the mineral rich nature of the main continent and pre-technology nature of the civilizations based on XJ397-08-9F71 it is recommended that further investigation, and perhaps colonization, take place. Recommendation for a site located at the base of the main mountain-range that dominates the northern continent from north to south to take full advantage of the exposed mineral wealth located there.