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Visigoth - A Brief History
Thought for the day: What you do not know can hurt you

cross ref. The Galaxy: Imperium File 784
034.567.47 ref. 159.54 ref. Xeno-Folders, Arbites-Folders, Administratum-Folders

Population: <500,000,000,000>
Tithe Grade: Decuma Patricular-Exactis Extremis
Aggregate: 1,800:
Aestimare: B60 - D300


The planet known as Visigoth was an arid world first settled prior to the establishment of Imperial Records. During the Holy Crusade to Liberate the Galaxy the planet was rediscovered by an explorator team who found a world with significant mineral deposits and a near-feudal human populace. The humans, however, were not the only inhabitants. Orks of all kinds wandered the equatorial plains, forcing the human populace to seek shelter in the less hospitable northern areas. The Visigoths maintained an easy balance with the Orks, keeping strong border forces on constant patrol to prevent Ork incursions into their villages. The explorator team sent word to the Crusading fleets of the planet's plight and its potential exploitation value as its crust was incredibly dense with minerals and precious metals.

Space Marine ships set course for the world, followed closely by Adeptus Mechanicus machine-ships. The plan was simple: a rapid and terrible decent among the orks and eradication of them followed by the landing of the machine ships and establishment of hundreds of industrial factories to supply the approaching fleet with a nearby resupply point for continued exploration and liberation. The Orks, not nearly as advanced or heavily armed as many of their cousins, quickly fell to the Space Marines of the Iron Hands Legion superior firepower. In accordance with the wishes of the Adeptus Mechanicus the machine ships made landing before the Space Marines had even finished annihilating the Ork resistance. These ships immediately started to harvest the valuable minerals within the upper crustes of the planet, sending out drones by the hundreds to score and provide accurate topographical information for expansion.

Word of these "beasts of iron" spread among the scattered tribes and, one by one, the Iron Hands marines and representatives from the Ecclesiarchy introduced themselves to them and spread the message of the Saviour of Mankind among them. Having witnessed the Iron Hands marines in mere weeks eradicate a threat that had been plaguing them for generations they quickly swore fealty to the warriors of Humanity.

When the marines departed the Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priests willing accepted the people of Visigoth as workers within their machine ships to assist in the recovery and use of the acquired minerals. While not mineral rich enough to warrant the title of Forgeworld from the Priests of Mars they did quickly build their world into a powerful manufacturing platform. This particular legacy continues to this day, the original machine ships having grown beyond their space-faring confines and bourgeoned outwards into massive spires of machinery and technology. Eventually the entire planet was overrun by these types of settlements, leaving little of the original environment still existing.

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