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For Distribution To:

Inquisition Members Vermillion Level or Higher

TRANSMITTED: Darius Seven Merchant Guild House
RECEIVED: Tharius Adeptus Ministorum Cathedral
DATE: 5384999.M41

The reports from Visigoth are extremely similar, highlighting the recent events that have caused disturbances among the hive population. However, there are several striking notes of interest.

The Administratum report is issued with the same compassionless and statistically-driven notations that are often present in such documents. The economic infrastructure is of interest in that the planet's wealth and the purposes of each hive is divided into similar groupings. The Four Sisters, as they are called, are the main manufacturing backbone of the planet. They produce a good majority of the finished goods but harvest only a fraction of the resources. The two main hives, Lenux and Majere, are the main refinement areas of significant importance to the planet's overall production abilities. The main point of interest is that during the disturbances these two hives have remained virtually unscathed, having no uprisings occuring.

Understandably the two hives are devoted towards production and little else is conducted there. However, they seem to be the last home of over ninety per cent of the planet's criminal element. This concentration of abbhorant individuals that most likely have little regard for human life, or even their own in regards to the stimm addicts, seems relatively peaceful. Regardless of what ever measures the Adeptus Arbites or the hives' own militia may be implementing to police these individuals their prior behaviours which resulted in their incarceration coupled with the desperation that must exist it would be foolish to assume that they are being model prisoners. If any particular location should be suffering mass violence and constant uprisings it should be one of these two.

The Four Sisters, however, are plagued by it. Naturally hive gangs always develop on world's with such a dense population base confined within such limited habitation areas. The Adeptus Arbites report was rather descriptive of the events but did little to discuss the possible reasons behind the uprising. It is interesting to note that while the Arbites Precinct Marshall did not mention any other theories than the one that was dismissed outrightly by the parties involved. It is worth further investigation and perhaps discussion with the Marshall himself to determine whether this theory bears any possible merrit. While I am not capable of possibly determining what the threat source might be it may be something as innocuous as an alliance of bandit kings or of gang leaders. Perhaps there has been some kind of coalition arranged among the various gang leaders to disrupt and destabilise the economy to cover their own black market activity. It is hard to say from these reports but these are solid possibilities in light of the current information. However, these types of individuals and alliances hardly go unnoticed and vary rarely confound our agents. I fear that something more nefarious may be at work, though I pray for the citizens of Visigoth that this fear is unjustified.

A common thread throughout the reports given is the dissapearance of weaponry and supplies from storehouses. Should the possibility of a gang alliance be proven true this is easily explained. However, the drop in produced goods combined with the theft of these types of products over the past two hundred and fifty years (sub. ref. Adeptus Munitorum Report) is a rather lengthy amount of time for the gangs to be hoarding weapons for an uprising of some sort. The likelihood of that is even more slim. A more nefarious group may be more likely to bide its time and move slowly and deliberately towards its goal, not expecting for its desires to be attained within the generation that spawned them.

The Adeptus Ministorum report is equally vague. While their committment to the faith of the Emperor is appreciated and noble there is a certain amount of fervour that I have rarely witnessed in such important documents as the annual report. It is also very succent, presenting only the most mundane facts about their committment to the Imperial Faith. The exclusion of the common individual in the main cathedral in Tiberus is not unusual, but is rather exclusionary.

The city of Tiberius seems to follow this guideline, as well. The exclusion of individuals to the capital city based on their genetic heritage and economic position is indicative of their pre-feudal heritage. The chain of aristocracy is a common thread on hundreds of Imperial worlds and this type of behaviour may very well be the root cause of the uprisings. Perhaps this is a leaderless development fueled by their dislike and disgust with the current political system. This is most often the cause of revolution and should there be possible signs of such an insurrection I will hasten to guarantee the safety of the Adeptus Administratum and Munitorum, calling on local Imperial forces should the need arise.

I am suspecting many possibilities and excluding none. Once we make planetfall I will deploy passive sensors to monitor all comm-traffic between the hives and outlieing areas. I am hoping that the continuing festivities of Halius' Rock will cover our landing, providing us with enough background irritation to be overlooked by the majority of the customs and space port officials. I will submit further information as I receive it and will transmit it to you for your consideration.

May the Emperor protect us,

Your Most Obedient Servant,

Nathaniel Creed

Though for the day: The Mutant bears his heresy on his flesh, the Traitor bears it within his soul.