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Visigoth - Adeptus Munitorum Reports
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cross ref. The Galaxy: Imperium File 784
034.567.47 ref. 159.54 ref. Xeno-Folders, Arbites-Folders, Administratum-Folders

Population: <500,000,000,000>
Tithe Grade: Decuma Patricular-Exactis Extremis
Aggregate: 1,800:
Aestimare: B60 - D300


The planet Visigoth has contributed significantly to the arms of the Emperor's fighting forces. Every thirty years for the past five centuries the planet has given birth to yet another regiment to fight across the galaxy on uncountable worlds. Current operational speculations suggest that no less than seven regiments are operating in numerous theatres of war at any given point of time throughout the galaxy.

Visigoth's production facilities provide nearly sixty per cent of the fighting weapons used by regiments within the closest three sectors. Needless to say, regiments founded on Visigoth are equipped to a significantly higher standard than some and the rate of weapon failure or replacement is virtually nil.

One area of significant concern among the commanders that have Visigoth companies assigned to them is their sub-division into gang groupings regardless of organizational adjustments. The prevalence of gang warfare and the high amount of gang members recruited into the Visigoth regiments is attributed to this fracturing of companies and unique grouping decisions. The Commisariat is constant frustrated by these gang groupings and some barely tolerate these social attachments. However, there are occassions where these gang-squads conducted raids on each other or settle ages old scores with their rivals. These has led to a vagrant waste of resources and many members of the Commisariat have resorted to outright banning of these groups and immediate execution of any regimental soldiers caught conducting gang-like activities.

These gang groupings, however, have proved to be useful on occassion. Nearly all the regiments raised excel at urban warfare and guerrila activities. Should any type of urban objective need to be taken many Visigoth commanders will volunteer their regiments for the mission, confident in their success in a city environment.

Visigoth, itself, produces a staggering amount of weaponry for the Imperium. However, during the past two hundred and fifty years the planet's stores of weapons have been decreasing at a slow rate. The majority of this is attributed to gangs either bribing storehouse officials or gaining entry to the locations via illegal means. The Adeptus Arbites have a continuing investigation into this theft of Imperial property but have yet to make any significant strides.