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Visigoth - Tiberius
Thought for the day: You can rest when you are dead..

cross ref. The Galaxy: Imperium File 784
034.567.47 ref. 159.54 ref. Xeno-Folders, Arbites-Folders, Administratum-Folders

Population: <500,000,000,000>
Tithe Grade: Decuma Patricular-Exactis Extremis
Aggregate: 1,800:
Aestimare: B60 - D300


The capitol city Tiberius is the main seat of government and activity on Visigoth. Unique among the hive cities is the fact that Tiberius produces little to no actual industry. Among the seven hives of Visigoth this particular city is center of all things; art, culture, government, economics, etc. Furthermore, unlike the other hives Tiberius is not a spire but a sprawling cityscape of houses and buildings rather layers upon layers of dense habitation levels.

The city was founded when the first machine ship landed on Visigoth and begun the liberation of the planet from the Ork threat and the incorporation of it into the Imperium.The first machine ship is still present within the landscape of the city sprawl, a monument to the freedom of Visigoth. The ship, known during the Great Crusade as Anvil of Mars, now serves as the main repository of collected technological data on Visigoth. Within its mighty halls there exist unused machine workshops and manufacturing platforms as well as the database of all the technological schematics used by the planets other hives for the production of machinery and weaponry. Descendants of the original Tech Priests and those brought from Mars wander the hallowed halls, maintaining the ancient machinery.

The next greatest monument in Tiberius is the Royal Home itself, the Crystal Palace. Using the planet's little supply of crystalline and combined with other alloys the building was constructed by the first planetary governor as the seat of authority on Visigoth. Nearly all the members of the Royal Family live within its many hundreds of rooms and chambers, isolated from the rest of the world by its very own wealth. The little flora and fauna that still exists on the planet is housed within special sanctuaries within the many outlying hab-domes directly attached to the palace. Only members of the Royal Family and honour members of the Ecclesiarchy have access to these areas.

Close to the Crystal Palace lies the main Ecclesiarhy cathedral, a massive structure of granite and stained-glass. Massive gargoyles look down from dizzying spires upon the populace below, each hive city containing a smaller version of this cathedral as a symbol of the presence of the Emperor's faithful. Thousands of pilgrims travel to Tiberius to pay homage and to pray to the Emperor at its steps, its interious restricted to only a very few. Outside its walls preachers lead the masses in prayer and celebration of the Divine Emperor.

The next great landmark of Tiberius is the Administratum offices which stretch over ten blocks and house thousands of scribes, messengers, and Adeptus. The building itself is a featureless mass of granite and stone, a stunning and faceless edifice to the power of the Imperium and its most trusted servants. Within its hallowed halls the main Astronimicon is housed, providing valuable contact with the rest of the Imperium to Visigoth. Next to the Administratum buiilding lies its arm of authority: the Adeptus Arbites Court of Justice.

It is this building where the central command of all of the Arbites Precinct Houses resides. Adeptus Marshall commands here and the best and finest of the world's Arbites reside there. These are the vigilant eyes and ears of the Administratum, above the command of the Governor and the most power Imperium presence on Visigoth.

Tiberius is a city only the priviledged and wealthy can ever hope to reside in. There is a significant exclusion policy in place governing who can and who can't live there. Those who can claim direct descendancy from the first tribes to establish themselves beneath the shadow of the Anvil of Mars have guaranteed homes there. Those who do not have the option of purchasing a heridatory claim on Tiberius from the Royal Family, or marry into it.

The main space port of the planet is located in Tiberius, with shuttles running from it to the other hives. Only those with the most excellent of credentials are allowed to visit within the capitol, the unwanted or the suspect are shuttled to the Four Sisters for the tenure of their stay on Visigoth.