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Begin private log of Nathaniel Creed.....

Access Code: Epsilon - Majoris - Zulu - Vermillion

Private Logs being opened at Request of Ordo Malleus Grand Inquisitor Varnius


It was nearly two months ago that Varnius had approached me to go on this investigation. I remember his face....stern, implaccable; with the slightest hint of concern. Obviously this planet is of great concern to the Imperium, specifically to the Inquisition. You don't send a member of the Ordo Malleus to investigate riots and a possible gang alliance. Not likely.

Varnius himself has been rather obtuse with me. Hidden, almost. Why were the Inquisitorial logs to this investigation sealed? And why weren't they unsealed for me to look at? Is there something in there that even a Grand Master of the Inquisition is afraid of? Should I be afraid? There is much more going on here than I am lead to believe. And I don't think I can trust Varnius to be absolutely open to me.

How do all these things tie in together? A conspiray of some sort? There must be the possibility of the corrupting forces of Chaos being involved in this. Why else send me? If there is some Chaos power at work here why not send a Space Marine battlegroup with me? Hell, why not just give me command of a company of Grey Knights to deal with it as quickly as possible!

Maybe thats just the problem....maybe they don't know what is going on on Visigoth. I guess that that is why I'm here to figure it out. But it can't be so far out of hand that they would only now know about it? Thats impossible.

I don't like this. I don't like it all. Too much is not being told to me. Perhaps I will have Xavier (cross ref. Xavier, Astropath Adept) send a comunication to Sergeant Kane (cross ref. Kane, Grey Knight Sergeant) to be prepared for my signal should I need them. I don't get the impression that I am going to have alot of backup on this mission, or atleast none that I know of. I won't risk the lives of my crew on the chance that someone else maybe watching my back. With Kage and his team on standby atleast I'll have one guaranteed ace up my sleeve.

Lionel is researching any more information he can find about Visigoth in the Imperial Records (cross ref. Lionel, Adeptus Scribe). Hopefully I'll have some more to go with. Lionel is good at getting places I can't within the Records so hopefully he'll turn up something.


End Transmission.......No further log to display on this particular date.